Sunday, July 13, 2008

CMA Musicfest BBQ Cookoff, Nashville, TN

June 7-8, 2008
For the first year the CMA (Country Music Association) added a BBQ cookoff to the Musicfest activities. The CMA Musicfest (formally FanFair) is a week long festival attended by thousands of country music fans from around the world. The atmosphere was electric and the heat was high. The cookoff was located in a parking lot right behind the Somet Center near the Country Music Hall of Fame. We fired up the AC in Casa DoRag and kept the temperature bearable inside. Richard & I set up camp on Friday night along with several others who had to wait until after 8 PM arrive due to other activities. Later we sat outside and listened to the sounds of downtown Nashville. An occasional train, siren, & drunk could be heard most all night. Paul Hood of came over for a visit and a beverage or two. Paul owns and distributes an all natural charcoal that does not contain coal, coke, lime, nitrate, or any of the other nasty things that major charcoal brands contain. Check out his website @ for more information. Paul also is a veteran of the Memphis in May circuit. Richard & I enjoyed listening to his experiences and stories. He will do well in the KCBS.

After a good nights sleep, Richard & I got busy preparing chicken, ribs, pork, & brisket. There is quite a bit of work left to do once "on-site" to get ready to cook. I hope to document a contest week in a future post. I think you will be surprised at the effort we put in even before we lite the pits. due to the extreme heat we spent much of the day in Casa DoRag enjoying the cool AC. Gary arrived later afternoon and we began constructing our turn in boxes. All day country music fans stopped by and asked questions and shared BBQ tales. We even saw a celebrity or two. Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Bucky Covington were seen wondering about the grounds. Lee McWright hosted a celebrity Iron Chef with music stars Mark Willis & Jamie O'Neal. Mark Walker of Wireless Plus stopped by with wife LouAnn friends Chip & Penny Hooper before heading over to LP Field for the big concert featuring Alan Jackson. Wireless Plus is a big supporter of DoRagQ and we always enjoy the chance to "PARTY" with them.

Saturday evening arrived and it was time to get down to business as we fired up the pits and put the briskets and pork butts on to cook. After some socializing with Buck & Lou of High on the Hawg it was bed time for Billy Bob. Until Mark & Chip came banging on the door after the concert. They defiantly had a good time! Sunday brought more heat and excitement as we approached turn in time. Heading into the awards we thought we had cooked our best of the year but as the top ten in chicken, ribs, and pork was announced, DoRagQ was not called. I will admit some frustration building as the brisket category was announced. I thought we had done our best and would not even get a single top 10 finish. As the brisket top five was being announced I was surprised to hear DoRagQ called for 3rd place! It was great to know the all the hard work the Richard, Gary, & I had put in had payed off at least in one category. We actually received 2 perfect scores in brisket. Our best to date! DoRagQ placed 15the overall out of 45 teams with a 28th in chicken, a 27th in ribs, a 17th in pork, and our 3rd place brisket. Congratulations to Lotta Bull (Grand Champion) & Jiggy Piggy (Reserve Grand Champion). Other notables were Wild Bunch Butt Burners in 3rd, Moonswiners in 4th, Team Allegro in 7th, Team Top chick in 9th, & in 10th. Buck & Lou of High on the Hawg placed 3rd in chicken, and Rick & Amber of Porkenstein BBQ Team finished 6th in ribs.

We keep pluggin along, paying our dues and having tons of fun. At least we didn't have a Pulaski!

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Bucky Covington? I thought he was on your team.

Just kidding, Gary!!!

Hey, congratulations on the brisket call.