Sunday, October 08, 2006

Smokin on the Square

October 8, 2006
Gallatin was a blast! Although a bit nippy on Friday night. Anyhoo our 2nd competition taught us a lot. #1 Dont forget your drip pan.#2 Dont use a foil pan as a drip pan.#3 Go back home and get the drip pan, its only a 20 minute drive!#4 pay attention when the BBQ Guru is beeping, it's trying to tell you something.#5 Don't forget the fire extinguisher.#6 Closing the door & dampers will put a grease fire out.#7 When you burn your chicken, cook some more.#8 Bipolar Smoker is a Frickin Lunitic!32 Teams, we finished 15th. Brisket took 8th & Chicken 3rd! Glad its over, can't wait to do it again.

Entered as the Wireless Plus BBQ Team (our 1st sponsored event). 32 Teams entered - Finished 15th Overall - Got our first walk a 3rd in Chicken ($250 + trophy) - Ribs 19th - Pork 25th - Brisket 8th