Monday, December 15, 2008

DoRag with the 3-Stooges (Mo, Joe, & Guy)

Richard & I had a great time hanging out at "The Jack". Our good friends Voncil & Joe Amore of Smokey Mountain Smokers invited us to hang out with them & enjoy the festivities. We arrived Friday and made the rounds. There were many failure faces,, Lotta Bull, Moonswiners, Team Bobby-Q, Ulcer Acres, Pellet Envy, Jacks Old South, Natural Born Grillers, & The Dead End Society to name a few. We also saw many friends who like us aspire to get the "Draw" someday. We mostly hung out with Voncil & Joe who were surprisingly "laid back"! We made some new friends as well, Susie & Mo of Big Mo from Aho came down to help Voncil & Joe. We made Margaritas by DoRag and ate Hot Wings by Mo. We also hung out with Guy Fieri from the Food Network. As the turn ins began on Saturday you could feel the excitement building. The International Teams really let loose and have a great time at the awards (I am thinking of turning European!) while the American teams seem to be a bit more nervous. Hey lighten up! Its only the World Invitational BBQ Championship! No big deal right? Hell I was as nervous as a cat and I wasn't competing! Anyway, SMS got a call in Brisket (8th) & finished a respectable 18th overall! Congratulations Voncil & Joe! For the complete results check out the KCBS Website.

This was my fourth visit to "The Jack". It is a very special place but whats even more special are the people. I look forward to October 2009. Who knows there might even be a DoRag in da house!