Monday, August 13, 2012

Smokin in McMinnville Results

The DoRagQ Gang traveled to nearby McMinnville, TN for one of our favorite contests of the year "Smokin in McMinnville".  I think this was the 4th annual & we have competed in all four!  One reason it is one of our favorites is that DoRagQ Gang member Richard Finley puts on the "Finley Fish Fry Friday".  Say that 4 times fast!  One of Richard's passions is fishing & I am here to tell you he is good at it!  I called him the other day & he was on his way back with his catch.  I asked him how many he caught.  He said "not many 50 or 60"!!!  I don't think I have caught that many fish in my entire life!
Friends enjoying the festivities!  

Pam & Richard frying up some Hush Puppies.  Delish!   

Anyway Richard can cook 'em about as good as he can catch 'em & his Hush-Puppies are the best!  I think this is the 3rd year that Richard has volunteered to provide & cook for our Friday night shin-dig.  Many of our friends pitch in & we have a feast to say the least!  Thanks to Lotta Bull, Warren County Pork Choppers, Swiggin Pig, Smoke on This, The Q Team, Pit Bulls Up In Smoke, Gooby's, & all the rest that joined in the the good eatin & making for a special night in McMinnville!  Ok enough about FFFF (Finley's Fish Fry Friday) & on the the "Q"! 
Fish, Fries, & Hush Puppies!
 After a good night's sleep in the new "Casa Do-2" things went as planned.  We managed to get all 4 meats & a desert turned in & all there was left to do was clean up, pack up, & wait for the awards!  The awards started a little earlier than we expected and we managed to arrive as they were calling out the desert winners.
Apparently there were 5 perfect scores of 180!  The Algood BBQ Team, Dark Hollow Mafia, DoRagQ, Once in a Blue Moon, & Swiggin Pig all had perfect scores.  Only Swiggin Pig had a "Perfect-Perfect" score & took the win.  Once in a Blue Moon took 2nd & The DoRagQ Gang took 3rd!  Congrats Swiggin Pig! 
In chicken the DoRagQ Gang did not get a call as our friends Charcoal Cowboys took 1st place followed by Lotta Bull 2nd,  & Pit Bulls Up In Smoke 3rd.  Congrats Cowboys! I bet they got some help from Eddie! LOL!  Also a shout-out to Goobys for a nice 8th place finish!
When they began to call out the top 10 in ribs they mentioned there were two 180 scores.  David & I knew it wasn't us & were bettin Barry Johnson of Swiggin Pig was one of them.  He has several to his credit & is a great cook.  Gooby's got another call finishing 8th with Warren County Pork Choppers takin 6th.  Pit Bulls Up In Smoke struck again with a 4th place call & local favorite Wild Onion taking 3rd.  Next was the first of two 180 scores....Swiggin Pig takin 2nd.  Richard & I were lookin around the crowd to see who was left to get the other 180 call.  Then Arlie said it was a "Perfect-Perfect 180" meaning all six Judges scored it with a perfect score of 9-9-9.  Who the hell did that?  Holy Crap Batman the DoRagQ Gang did!!!!!!  We scored a "PERFECT-PERFECT 180" in frickin ribs & took 1st place!  No way Jose! I am still on cloud 9-9-9!!!
DoRagQ's first 180 was a "Perfect-Perfect 180" in ribs!
With our hearts still beatin 90 to nothin Gooby's once again heard their name called finishing 8th.  Sounds like 8 is their lucky number!  Lotta Bull got the 7th place call & South Pork ran to the stage finishing 6th.  The DoRagQ Gang once again heard our name finishing 5th & Swiggin Pig got the 4th place call.  Warren County Pork Choppers slid in the 3rd place slot with The "Ragin Cajun" Danny Coogle of Pit Bulls Up In Smoke gettin another call finishing 2nd.  Team Allegro took top honors finishing 1st in pork!  Congrats to all!
We heard DoRagQ early gettin the 10th place call with the Q-Team finishing 9th.  South Pork was 7th & Team & Allegro got the 6th place call. Pitmaster's own Donny Bray of Warren County Pork Choppers took 5th with Lotta Bull 4th, Swiggin Pig 3rd. & Jackie & Sherry Price of Smoke On This taking 2nd.  First place went to Government Pork!  Congrats to all!
Starting out in 10th was Hot Coles BBQ, with 9th going to Team Allegro.  South Pork took 8th with Gooby's movin up to 7th!  Government Pork rode their brisket win to a 6th place finish with Warren County Pork choppers finishin in 5th place!  The DoRagQ Gang managed to score a 4th place overall with Lotta Bull taking 3rd.  Danny Coogle's Pit Bulls Up In Smoke took Reserve Grand Champion with the "Big Pig" himself Barry Johnson takin the overall Grand Champion!  Congrats Barry on another win!

So as we close the book on another "Smokin in McMinnville" I can reflect on an interesting weekend with a surprising ending.  But it was no surprise that Swiggin Pig & Pit Bulls Up in Smoke went 1-2, they are darn good cooks.  The biggest surprise for me was to get a 180 score!  And to top it off a "Perfect-Perfect 180" to boot!  Most of you know I am a humble guy but I just gotta say that I am so proud of that accomplishment and to do it with my BBQ friends & family there made it even more special.  On top of that to have Pam, David, & Richard there to be a part of it is just priceless!  Thanks for being the "Do" in DoRagQ!  Can't wait till we get to Nashville & get to do it again.  Hope we see you there on August 24-251  Come by & say "WasssssssssssUpppppp" We love company!

Monday, August 06, 2012

Foothills County Fair Results

July 28, 2012

DoRagQ made our first trip in the new & improved "Casa Do-2" to Cleveland, TN competing in the Foothills County Fair BBQ Bash.  Sixty-one Teams from all over were there to compete for cash & braggin rights.  When the dust settled my "Brother from a different Mother" Donny Bray of the Warren County Pork Choppers took the win & Jiggy Piggy taking Reserve Grand Champion.

Grand Champion Donny Bray Warren County Pork Choppers!

Long time DoRagQ member Richard "Old Hairy Man" Finley was back after his duties with "Garland Jack's Secret Six" BBQ Sauce were fulfilled  It was really great to have him back with us!  Since he was gone we had forgotten about our lucky "shots" we do throughout the weekend.  With Richard back I am sure we will not be missing any shot "opportunities"!  Choot it Richard, Choot it!!!!!

We managed to place 19th in chicken, 16th in ribs, 22nd in pork, & 18th in brisket finishing 11th overall!  Not to bad considering the level of competition.  Regardless Casa Do-2 was a huge success & we had a rather large time to boot!  Looking forward to "Smokin in McMinnville" August 10th-11th.  Hope to see ya there!   
Casa Do-2!