Monday, March 02, 2009

2008 DoRagQ Review

2008 Wow what a year. New smokers, new trailer, new techniques, new challenges, & new friends. We started out in Clarksville, TN back in March & finished in Lewisburg, TN in October! We hung out at "The Jack" and had a ball at the BBQ Christmas Party! All in all a great year for the DoRagQ Gang. We competed in 11 contest and got several calls in all categories. Our best overall finish was 5th in Lewisburg, a great way to close out the year. Other 2008 highlights were placing 5th twice in chicken (a HUGE improvement), a 2nd place in ribs at the Amazin' Blazin' in Lebanon, a 3rd in pork at High on the Hog in Winchester, & a pair of 3rds & 4ths in brisket! Overall our scores were up from 2007 and above all we were more consistent. We had a few lows (Pulaski) but we keep on trying and eventually got into a grove. In the KCBS Team of the Year standings we were 200th overall, 165th in chicken, 146th in ribs, 144th in pork, & 76th in brisket out of over 4000+ teams! Not bad for out 2nd full year but we got a long way to go before we can compete with the "Big Dogs"!

I want to thank Mark Walker & Joe Davis of Wireless Plus & Motorola for helping us out. We couldn't have done it without them. We appreciate their friendship and look forward to many more years of the same. Dan & Jennifer of Long Dawgs Blue Smoke became our confidants and cheering section. Many days Dan & I were on the phone bouncing thoughts & ideas off of each other. Lou & Buck of High on the Hawg & Voncile & Joe of Smokey Mountain Smokers also gave us guidance, friendship, and a Hell of a Good Time every time we were together. We made & drank out share of Margaritas and Tito's Vodka! Which reminds me we gotta stock up for '09! We got to know more of the Teams like, Ribs, & Bibs, Ulika, Pig-Pak, Late Night Whiskey Smokers, Pig Smokers in Paradise, Swiggin' Pig, Big & Twig, Big Blue, Wild Bunch Butt Burners,, Team Allegro, Lotta Bull, Governor's, Pig Pals, & Gettin Piggy With It, just to name a few. Thanks for being our BBQ Brothers & Sisters! It truly is a BBQ Family!

There are a few that I just could not or would not want to do this BBQ thang without. That would be Gary "Nickelback" Lackey & Richard "Old Hairy Man" Finley! They are my friends, partners & Buddies. They are the DO in DoRagQ. Thanks for puttin up with me and being a part of the crazy BBQ ride. I look forward to many more years of friendship, moonshine, & BBQ!

Sorry I took so long to do the 2008 wrap up. I promise to do a better job in '09 of keeping it fresh. Remember "If your looking, you ain't cookin" & "keep the fat side down".