Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tennessee Heritage Festival, Smyrna, TN

Grand Champion - Smokey Mountian Smokers
Reserve GC - Southpork
36 Teams
Chicken - 18th
Ribs - 5th
Pork - 11th
Brisket - 32nd
Overall - 16th

Hearth & Grill Shop BBQ Nashville, TN

Grand Champion - L.A. Grillers
Reserve GC - Allegro Comp BBQ
12 Teams
Chicken - 5th
Ribs - 2nd
Overall - 4th

Sundrop BBQ Festival, Pulaski, TN

Grand Champion - Late Night Whiskey Smokers
Reserve GC - Bill & The Dixie Chicke
48 Teams
Chicken - 22nd
Ribs - 7th
Pork - 8th
Brisket - 33rd
Overall - 14th

High on the Hog Winchester, TN

Grand Champion - Lotta Bull BBQ
Reserve GC - The ABS Cooking Team
55 Teams
Chicken - 36th
Ribs - 35th
Pork - 24th
Brisket - 32nd
Overall - 32nd

Benton KY

Grand Champion - Ulcer Acres
Reserve GC - Late Night Whiskey Smokers
30 Teams
Chicken - 11th
Ribs - 12th
Pork - 25th
Brisket - 23rd
Overall - 17th

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