Monday, August 08, 2011

DoRagQ Update!

Once again I have fallen behind on posting our contest results!  I guess I have too many hobbies.  Between BBQ, Motorcycles, Music, & yard work there is not much time left to do anything but work!  But I am so thankful to have a job & enjoy what I do.  Of course I could enjoy not working also as long as the $ kept coming in!  I keep playing the lottery...hey some one's gotta win! 

"Run For The Ribs" Louisville. KY
May 5-7, 2011

Ok...we were preparing to head north to Louisville back in May when I posted last.  We had a great time at the "Run For The Ribs" contest during Derby Week.  The field was packed with "BBQ Stars" & we were just hoping for a decent finish.  It was good to see our BBQ friends Warren County Pork Choppers, Moonswiners, Lotta Bull, Shigs In Pit, Smoke On This, Son Seekers, Quau, &  We also met some new friends....Squealers Award Winning BBQ from Indianapolis was right next to us & we shared a few adult beverages with Jim & Jeff!  Great guys! 

Friday prep went off like normal with the high point of the evening was grilling Oysters with Donny of WCPC!  Donny got the idea when we were in "Nola" back in February & they were awesome!  They went great with the Bloody Marys that our friends "Shigs In Pit" fixed for us.  We were fit to be tied for sure! 

Saturday was normal for the most part at least until I made a "rookie" mistake of cutting the brisket with the grain making it tough as leather. I was crushed!  We had a beautiful brisket & I just ruined it!  We made the decision to turn in a box with burnt ends & pulled slices....that's what I frickin slices in the box!  It was damage control at this point!  Needless to say we were not very confident on our way to awards.  We figured we would just lick our wounds & root for our friends!

As the chicken winners were announced we were surprised to hear our name called for 8th place but surprise quickly turned to reality when we received no calls for ribs & pork.  So as they called the top 5 for brisket I joked to Richard...."we're gonna get called for brisket"  we both laughed...then we hollered when they called "2nd place brisket....DoRagQ"!!!!!  WOOT WOOT! No frickin way!  Everyone could tell were were genuinely surprised.  I had already told our friends what I had done so they were all giving me hell! 

"No Slice" Brisket

We were still chuckling as they called out the top ten overall.  At this point I was really not expecting any more surprises.  Our friends "Son Seekers" came in 10th, with "Shigs In Pit" in 9th.  "Smoke On This" was called 8th, & in 7th place was DoRagQ!  No way!!!!!!!!! was 6th, Quau 5th, Uncle Chets BBQ 4th, Bourbon Barrel BBQ 3rd, Brutus and Company Reserve Grand Champion, & Moonswiners took the Grand Champion!  We just finished 7th place & three of the top six were former "Jack Daniels World Champions"!  And we did it without a slice of brisket in our box!  Holy Crapola Batman!

Well the ride home was certainly a cheerful one!  While I don't plan to make a habit of turning in burnt ends & pulled brisket I did confirm that even a blind squirrel can get a nut once in a while.  A good time was had by all & I have a few stories to tell along the way.  We are looking forward to "Derby Week" next year & plan to return.  Hope to see you there!