Thursday, February 16, 2012

DoRagQ Update!

After a long period of no activity I have decided to re-commit myself to posting regularly to "The Life & Times of a BBQ Man".  While I thought no-one read my alcohol induced ramblings apparently there are a few that find  them humorous and entertaining.  I actually received several emails asking me "WTF happend"?  So over the next few weeks I will try to catch you up on "WTF" is goin on with the "DoRagQ Gang".  I hope you will tune in & check it out! 

"Bro's Cajun Cuisine" Review

February 16, 2012
Had lunch at one of my favorite places in Nashville today,  Bro's!  Not much on atmosphere but if you want some good cookin then it's your place!  I ordered the Gumbo which had both chicken & Andouille sausage over rice.  The "rue" was dark and full of flavor.  The chicken was tender and the Andouille has a slight amount of heat!  Very good, very filling!  I also had a 1 lb, side of Crawfish.  Tons of flavor!  I wanted to stay and order more and make an afternoon of it but you know....gotta bet back to the Grind!  As always it was full at lunch time.  The layout is crazy and as I said the decor is bare minimum.  Darrell Breaux is always there with a quick joke and a smile.  The service is sometimes slow but today it was quick (except for the Crawfish)...but they arrived shortly behind the Gumbo.  I left with a full stomach and an empty pocketbook!  It's a bit pricy for lunch but well worth it IMHO!  I can't wait to return.  Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Monkey Wrench" Review (Louisville, KY)

February 15, 2012
Paid "Monkey Wrench" a visit on a recent trip to the "Ville".  Stopped in because it looked like a cool place to hang out.  Beer was cold, music was at conversation level, bartender friendly, & the food was good (I had the Wings).  Love the "Dive-Bar" decor & atmosphere.  Had to call it an early night due to finishing up some work.  When we were leaving the "Band" was setting up.  I will defiantly pay "Monkey Wrench" another visit!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

"The Pharmacy" Review

February 2, 2012
Checked out the Pharmacy today.  It was packed but we were seated after only a short wait.  The staff was very friendly & took our drink order quickly.  For the beer connoisseur there seems to be a good selection.  I ordered a Shiner which was delivered with a small cold but not frosty mug.  The menu was easy to read & understand.  I ordered The Pharmacy Burger (hold the onions) & sweet potato fries.  While waiting we check out the surroundings.  I saw the Biergarden area which looked like a great place to hang with friends.  There were picnic style tables outside which during warmer & drier weather looks like fun.  My burger arrived in a basket & looked quite impressive.  the bun was large & fit the burger perfectly.  I could tell the beef was hand formed and was not some mass produced frozen patty passing itself off as hand made.  i like to cut my burgers in half....(I guess I am weird) and  I could see the burger  was properly cooked to about medium.  The burger was juicy, tender, and flavorful.  Just the way I like my burgers.  The Sweet potato fries were  good & crisp.  Not soggy as some sweet fries tend to be.  Overall it was a pleasurable experience at a reasonable price.  i can see the charm of the area & look forward to checking it out again during better weather.  All in all I would recommend Pharmacy to friends & family as a place you can go with the kids or with your Peeps & have a good time.  I can't wait to try some of their specialty sodas.