Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fiddlin', Brewin', & Barbq'n

September 28-29, 2007
Nashville, TN

Grand Champion - Cool Smoke
Reserve GC - Lotta Bull BBQ
78 Teams
DoRagQ Results
Chicken - 35th
Ribs - 16th
Pork - 56th
Brisket - 75th
Overall - 62nd

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cookeville 2007

September 8-9, 2007
Cookeville, TN

Just wanted to share with our BBQ Family the results of the 18th annual Cookeville Cookoff. This was our first time to compete in the Cookeville contest. The contest was held on the town square in conjunction with a street fair. There was plenty of music, food, crafts, and other stuff going on. The place was rockin! Dan Watson of Long Dawgs Blue Smoke had not planned to compete so we asked him to cook with us. We had wanted to collaborate for a while and the timing seemed right. There were 30 teams entered. Our results were: Chicken 18th, Ribs 2nd, Pork 5th, and Brisket 11th (same score as 10th). Overall 4th! I can’t thank Gary and Richard enough for being a part of DoRagQ. Their hard work and contributions have helped in our success. Thanks to Dan Watson for his assistance and use of the toy hauler. To view pictures from Cookeville, click the DoRagQ Pics link.

Cookeville 2007
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DoRagQ takes a 2nd place in ribs @ Cookeville.