Saturday, January 27, 2007

BBQ Pit Project

My 87 year old Grandfather gave me a smoker that a cousin had made for him several years ago. Growing up in Texas he and I would smoke brisket, ribs, cabrito, and anything else we could fine. He is now in a Veterans Retirement home in Floresville Texas and I have moved to Nashville TN. During a visit several years ago he told me I could have the pit. Since I live in Nashville I usually fly to San Antonio to visit. this Christmas I loaded up the wife and dogs and headed to South Texas. Got back cleand up the Pit and fired it up. It's a little rusty and in need of some TLC.

BBQ Pit Pics

A little worn and rusty but not bad for a 12+ year old rig!

Added cooking area !


Sandblasted to the bare metal.

Sandblasting done by Mike Taylor!

New Paint

Pit Bling!

We have almost completed our Pit refurbishing. Had rust areas on the back of the smoker patched. (Shout out to Mike Hartley for getting that done). Pulled the pit to Jeff Edwards place in Lebanon. We installed 1" plugs in the holes on the back and drilled holes and installed Spicewine Ironworks thermometers and BBQ Guru adapter. Not sure if I will use the Guru but I want to try it out to see how it works on the bigger pit. I used it on my Bandera with much success. We also finished painting the undercarriage and gave the white spoke wheels a touch of paint. Fired her up and cooked some Sloovack sausage.

BBQ Guru