Monday, May 10, 2010

American Bass Anglers BBQ Cook-Off, Anderson, South Carolina

If you follow my Blog "The Life & Times of a BBQ Man" then you know that I post stories about our experiences cooking the KCBS Competition Barbecue Circut.  I had planned to write about our most recent contest the "American Bass Anglers BBQ Cook Off" by Early Times Whisky held in Anderson, South Carolina on May 1st.  To tell you the truth I can't seem to get motivated to write anything.  You see something happend to the place that I can home Nashville, TN.  An event so epic & tragic that even my passion for BBQ can't help me get past.  So many have been affected by "The Flood of 2010" that what difference does it really matter how we finished, how we cooked, or how much fun we had?  How can anything so meaningless measure up to such a devistating disaster that touched most everyone in and around Middle Tennessee on the weekend on May 1st?  The answer is....nothing!  Nothing in my life can even come close to what happend to thousands of Tennesseans.  We were lucky.  The DoRagQ Gang made it home early on sunday morning before any of the flooding began, before any of the interstates became rivers, before any of the rivers & creeks over-ran their banks.  We managed to sneek back to Nashville without even getting a drop of rain!  WTF!  Call it luck, call it fate, call it whatever you want.  We are just thankful that we made it back safe and our friends and famlies were all safe as well.  That is better than winning any BBQ contest in my book.  So we will take a few weeks off the BBQ circut to re-group, re-charge our batteries, and re-arrange our priorities.  Life does go on.......but we should all stop and give thanks for the life we are granted and blessed with. I know I have.  

I would like to say "Thanks" to all of you that called and emailed me inquiring of our safety.  Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.  The DoRagQ Gang will next appear in at the Variety Children's Charity BBQ Bash in Memphis, TN on June 4th-5th.  Come by and hang with the DoRagQ Gang in the "Jungle Room"!  Thank you very much!