Sunday, June 24, 2012

DoRagQ Swag is now available! Git ya sum!

We recently decided to get us a few DoRagQ T-Shirts made up.  In order to get a reasonable price we had to purchase in bulk.  So we ordered several in small, medium, large, Xtra-large, XXtra large, & BIG ASS LARGE!  Some we have given away, some we have traded with other teams, and some we have sold to our generous friends to help cover the cost. Here are a few DoRaggers sportin their new DoRagQ Swag!

 DoRagger Tom Curling from Roanoke, Virginia
 Bertie of Bertie's BBQ from somewhere across the ocean called the "United Kingdom"!
From the Louisville, KY chapter of DoRagQ James & Lisa!
 Todd & Jessica from "Once in a Blue Moon BBQ" from Lebanon, TN

If you would like to score some DoRagQ Swag, they are $15 + shipping each.  Shipping runs about $5 so for $20 bucks you can git you some DoRagQ Swag delivered to your very own Cell Block!  Sorry no sharp objects or Apple Pie can't be shipped with the Swag!  We have already tried it!  Just send me an email or hit me up on Facebook & we can make it happen.  BTW...our Design Team is currently working on some great new items that will soon be available like...DoRagQ DoRags, Sleeveless T-Shirts, Wife-Beaters, Husband-Beaters, Speedos (for those European types) & Thongs!  So as my friend "Killer Beaz" says...SAVE UP!


Wow time sure does fly when you’re having fun!  I can’t believe it’s already June!  I have neglected posting the DoRagQ Gang’s results so I will get you caught up with our results since the Tater Days contest back in April.

April 14th – Smoke on the Falls – Gadsden, AL - 44 Teams

Chicken – 24th
Ribs – 33rd
Pork – 15th
Brisket – 7th
Overall – 22nd

April 21st – High on the Hog – Winchester, TN – 54 Teams

Chicken – 6th
Ribs – 19th
Pork – 17th
Brisket – 5th
Anything Butt – 2nd
Desert – 1st (Perfect 180 Score)
Overall – 5th

May 5th – Mississippi Springfest – Ashland, MS – 38 Teams

Chicken – 21st
Ribs – 4th
Pork – 21st
Brisket – 2nd
Desert – 1st (Perfect 180 Score)
Overall – 5th

May 26th – Prichard’s BBQ on the Rocks – Lewisburg, TN – 34 Teams

Chicken – 8th
Ribs – 7th
Pork – 5th
Brisket – 8th
Overall – 3rd

June 2nd – The Varity Club BBQ Bash – Memphis, TN – 50 Teams

Chicken – 15th
Ribs – 16th
Pork – 7th
Brisket – 2nd
Desert – 1st
Overall – 7th

June 9th – Sam’s Club BBQ Tour – Huntsville, AL – 30 Teams

Chicken – 3rd
Ribs – 1st
Pork – 5th
Brisket – 7th
Overall – 2nd Reserve Grand Champion

June 23rd  - Queen City Cookoff – Clarksville, TN – 39 Teams

Chicken – 3rd
Ribs – 14th
Pork – 1st
Brisker – 21st
Overall – 5th