Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grillin & Chillin BBQ Cookoff - Owensboro, KY

September 27, 2008

Grand Champion - Monthy Pigthon & the Holy Grill
Reserve Grand Champion - Smokin' T's

Team Allegro - 9th
Blinddog's Outlaw BBQ Gang - 10th

DoRagQ Results
Overall - 11th
Chicken - 12th
Ribs - 15th
Pork - 43rd
Brisket - 3rd

Most of the contests that we compete in are in Tennessee. This year we decided to venture up North to "Big Blue" country and give it a whirl. Gary, Richard, & I departed DoRagQ Headquarters on Thursday late afternoon to make the 2 1/2 hour road trip to Owensboro to meet our friends Jen & Dan Watson of Long Dawgs Blue Smoke. The ride up was mostly uneventful thanks to Richards GPS unit. (Did I just say unit?) After a few adult beverages and some chit-chat with Dan we called it a night.

Friday Lou & Buck of High on the Hawg drove up to hang out with the DoRag Crew. They had decided to take a weekend off and wanted to check out the scene in KY. Jim & Johnny of Son Seekers also pulled in and we were complete! All of our Peeps were "In Da House". After our usual "Friday Feast" (pork chops, baked potatoes, & salad) Jim broke out the home-made ice cream! What a treat! After gaining 15 pounds we all went to check out the entertainment. DJ & Karaoke was advertised and we pursuaded Gary "Nickel-Jax" to strut his stuff. And he didn't let us down. After a fine rendition of "Chattahoochie" the crowd rewarded Gary with the largest appause of the night! A star is born! So be sure to check out DoRagQ Records newest (and only0 recording artist "Gary Nickelback Lee" preforming at a stage near you!

After a brief fan club meeting Saturday morning we got down to biz and turned in out offerings. We were pleased to finish 11th out of 52 teams with a 3rd in brisket! We were most proud of our 12th place chicken. Thanks to Lou & Buck for some coaching we finally are cooking some eatable bird. Son Seekers finished 13th overall with a 9th place showing in chicken, a 10th in ribs, & 16th in Brisket. Long Dawgs Blue Smoke finished 16th with a 1st on pork & 6th in brisket. Way to go!

All in all a great weekend with great friends in a great location. Mary Jo, Terry, and crew did a fantastic job taking care of all the cookers as well as 200 other campers. Owensboro was the first of three contests on consecutive weekends. I hope we can ride the wave the rest of the way and get a top 10 overall. We were close but no cigar!

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