Sunday, April 05, 2009

Porkin' in the Park Results

April 3-4, 2009
After a day of bad storms and several inches rain on Thursday our plans to get an early start Friday morning began with the truck & trailer stuck in the mud in the backyard! Ok, here qo...
Richard quickly remedied the situation with some "Redneck Engineering" & a tie-down, & we were back on our way to Clarksville. The day was still overcast & a bit "Nippy" but the forecast called for no more rain. We found our way to the contest site after breakfast & a quick stop to meet up with Joshua Rogers who had a "special" gift for us. Thanks JR, it was great! After picking our spot, unloading, and setting up, we got down to prepping around 10 AM. Around 12:15 PM we finally had everything prepped & in the coolers & set out for lunch. We met up with Paul Hood of & headed to Brunie's Bar & Grill for some chow. The atmosphere was Diners, Drive Inns, & Dives...more on the Dives side, but a cool place to eat, drink, & listen to music. I highly recommend Brunie's!

After lunch we had a great time seeing our BBQ Family. Joe & Voncile of Smokey Mountain Smokers, Bobbie & Lee McWright of Music City Pig Pals, Roxie & Gary of Governor's BBQ, to name a few. It was like a family reunion. We also re-connected with several teams that we don't see that often such as Smokin' Scotsmen, Doctor Porkenstein, Quau, Johnny Mitchell's Smokehouse, & Ol' Man Larry's BBQ. It was great catching up with them. Later in the afternoon, Gary showed up and DoRagQ was officially "In Da House"!

I want to thank Frazier Allen & the Downtown Kiwanis Club for a great event! We had a "Low Country Boil" courtesy Wayne of Bubba's Tennessee Smokers. That was some good eatin! Great job Wayne! At dusk, Gary fired up the outdoor fireplace and we all sat around having a great time visiting. Lou & Buck joined us and the party was on! We were about 100 yards from the Bud Lite Stage and the music the bands played was just right. After some "Apple Pie" for desert (thanks again Joshua) we called it a nite. There was some excitement at a nearby Hotel around 2 AM. Seems someone pulled the fire alarm & everyone was evacuated. We heard the sirens but I asure you that DoRagQ had nottin to do with it as we were all tucked in the bunks of Casa DoRag!

The first contest of the year is always a little different. Things don't usually flow just right, timing is off, tools & ingredients out of place, and we just don't remember what to do. We usually have to cook 3 to 4 contest before we are jelling. Thanks to the BBQ Gods we seemed to be in-sync for Porkin' in the Park. Out of 31 Teams, DoRagQ finished 9th in Chicken, 7th in Ribs, 7th in Pork, & 18th in Brisket. Placing 5th overall! Congratulations to Voncil & Joe of SMS on finishing Grand Champion. Our friends from Michigan, Smokin' Scotsmen were Reserve Grand Champions.

What a great weekend. Good contest, good music, good food, & good friends! Thank you Mark Walker of Wireless Plus & Motorola for your support. Lou & Buck thanks for your support & Gary & Richard for being the "Do" in DoRagQ! Up next, April 18th is High on the Hog in Winchester, TN. Hope we can keep it goin!

Click here to see more pictures of Porkin' in the Park!


ULIKA BBQ said...

I can't believe that apple pie didn't win in the dessert category. or did it not make it to Saturday?

Billy Carroll said...

It was all gone!

BP said...

Congratulations, Billy! Can't wait to see you in Winchester.