Monday, March 26, 2012

DoRagQ's 2012 "Pigs & Pie" Tour Update!

Hey DoRaggers!  Made a few changes to the "Pigs & Pie" Tour schedule.  We waited to late to make the Whistlestop contest in Huntsville so we are headin down to Ashland Mississippi for the Mississippi Springfest May 4-5.  We also added "Chip & Penny's Annual July 4th Pool Bash" on June 30th!   
  The DoRagQ Gang has been bizzy gettin "Casa DoRag" ready to roll out this weekend to "Tater Days" in Benton, KY.  The "Tater Days" contest marks the 5th year anniversary of "DoRagQ".  Tater Days was the first contest that Gary "Nickelback" Lackey & myself competed as DoRagQ! Along the way we have met some really cool peeps & on occasion cooked some purty good BBQ!  I hope the next 5 years is as fun as the last!

DoRag 2006 (yes that is Gatorade)

"Nickelback" @ Tater Days 2006!            
  We are workin with a local printer to design & print some cool DoRagQ "Swag"!  T-Shirts (sleeveless of course) & DoRagQ DoRags are both in the works. We hope to have some to show you soon! 

So good luck & safe travels to all my BBQ Friends & Family who are competing this coming weekend!

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