Monday, August 06, 2012

Foothills County Fair Results

July 28, 2012

DoRagQ made our first trip in the new & improved "Casa Do-2" to Cleveland, TN competing in the Foothills County Fair BBQ Bash.  Sixty-one Teams from all over were there to compete for cash & braggin rights.  When the dust settled my "Brother from a different Mother" Donny Bray of the Warren County Pork Choppers took the win & Jiggy Piggy taking Reserve Grand Champion.

Grand Champion Donny Bray Warren County Pork Choppers!

Long time DoRagQ member Richard "Old Hairy Man" Finley was back after his duties with "Garland Jack's Secret Six" BBQ Sauce were fulfilled  It was really great to have him back with us!  Since he was gone we had forgotten about our lucky "shots" we do throughout the weekend.  With Richard back I am sure we will not be missing any shot "opportunities"!  Choot it Richard, Choot it!!!!!

We managed to place 19th in chicken, 16th in ribs, 22nd in pork, & 18th in brisket finishing 11th overall!  Not to bad considering the level of competition.  Regardless Casa Do-2 was a huge success & we had a rather large time to boot!  Looking forward to "Smokin in McMinnville" August 10th-11th.  Hope to see ya there!   
Casa Do-2!


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