Saturday, February 21, 2015

DoRag Does Memphis Part 1

How It Started….
I was having a few adult beverages (nothing new there) & watching Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives reruns when the Memphis BBQ Tour episode aired.  I had caught it before (season 3 episode 9) but it sparked an idea.  I realized that I had only eaten Memphis BBQ once back in the early 80’s at the Rendezvous.  With Memphis just a little over 3 hours West I decided I was gonna take my own Memphis BBQ Tour.  Naturally I posted my idea on Facebook…I have been told I’m an “over-poster” but hey…we all have our issues right?  Soon after my post several FB Friends commented they wanted to go too!  So faster than green grass through a goose….. the DoRag Does Memphis BBQ Tour was born! 

The DDD episode included Leonard's Pit Barbecue, Marlowe's Ribs, Tom's Bar-B-Q . Cozy Corner, Central BBQ,  & the Germantown Commissary.  I also added my friend & fellow Competition Cook Melissa Cookston’s restaurant The Memphis BBQ Company.  After all Melissa is a multi-time World Champion!  I checked my “social calendar” & came up with a date that did not conflict with any BBQ events in the area February 7-8.  My next move was to contact each of the restaurants & discuss our visit.  I was wanting to give them a heads up on us coming & arrange to meet the Owner, Manager, or Pitmaster.  I wanted to understand more about their history, cooking techniques, & philosophies & hopefully score a tour of the “Pit”.  I sent out emails to each restaurant introducing the group & our purpose.  Being it was Thanksgiving week I did not get any immediate responses until the first of December.  Over the next few weeks I received email replies & even a few phone calls welcoming us to pay them a visit.  Sadly Cozy Corner informed me they had a bad fire & were not sure when they were going to reopen.  It became apparent that some peeps would arrive on Friday so I added a Friday night stop at….wait for it….yes the Rendezvous!  Hey…you gotta pay respect!  I then looked at the logistics to plan out the schedule & route.  With the help of several locals here’s what I came up with:

11:00AM Leonard's Barbecue
1:30PM Tom's BBQ
4:00PM Marlow's BBQ
8:00PM Memphis BBQ Co.
11:00PM Gibson's Donuts  (added during another “drankin & watchin Food Porn” night!)

11:00AM The Commissary
1:30PM Central BBQ
4:00PM Morris Grocery

A base hotel was chosen, reservations were made.... all we had to do was wait until February!  Stay tuned for Part 2.

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