Thursday, December 11, 2014

Big Al's Deli, Nashville, TN

One room dining & kitchen area. Several tables with seating for maybe 12-15 & 4 stools at the counter. It's crowded! Mike is the cook with Big Al helping with prep, delivery, & taking orders. There was also a nice lady waiting tables & working the register. Luckily I got there early & scored a stool @ the counter so I could see the action. Mike was manning the flat-top grill & the deep fryer. The menu had a "Meat & 3" feel with daily specials. Today's specials were Pork Shank, Meatloaf, & Chicken. They also offered mashed taters, beans, & greens. I ordered a burger & fries but will try the Pork Shank next time. I also ordered sweet tea, which had a different taste that I did not like so I grabbed a Coke. While waiting a steady stream of hungry peeps filled in and placed their orders. Several to go & several sat "family style" wherever they could find a spot. Big Al is a BIG PERSONALITY! He seemed to know everyone that came through the door! Even me who he called "Sport"! It was not long before my burger & fries arrived with a side of Mayo. Other condiments were on the counter. The burger was fully dressed & served open faced. The large helping of fries were hot & crispy. I added mayo & commenced to preform the "hunch"! Big Al's also delivers BIG FLAVOR! The burger was cooked medium well & was huge! It had a nice blend of garlic & pepper seasonings & was juicy! I would say it could be the best burger that I have experienced in Nashville that I did not cook. I am a big Gabby's fan but I gotta say Big Al's may take their crown! Be prepared when you pay them a visit to wait for a seat, sit with strangers, & enjoy GREAT food! You can see Big Al's passion for what he is building & Mike is a Class A cook! Watching him reminded me of seeing Earl Campbell on the football field! I am glad I paid Big Al's a visit. It won't be my last! BTW...they did not charge me for the tea!

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